In our constant endeavors to innovate along with our transportation and logistics services handling 450,000 MT per annum (Polymer) and to adapt to the dynamic changes in the needs and demands of our customers, ATS has developed an ONSITE PLANT Logistics service whereby on behalf of the customer or manufacturer we take on the complete supply chain requirement. In today’s world where the customer is looking for a one-stop solution, such value addition of handling the complete process from the start to finish not only bolster the confidence and trust of our customer but also brings them production efficiencies and cost reduction.

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Onsite Plant Logistics encompass following activities

  • Platform logistics
  • Planning on-site jobs and placement of manpower
  • Raw material acceptance and charging inside the plant
  • Recycling of product and managing waste
  • Bagging and packaging/palletizing of finished goods
  • Loading Bulk Material on to trucks including inspection, sealing and quality control
  • Managing on-site Warehouse for storage and internal distribution
  • Housekeeping of goods and spares
  • Managing gate security of goods and workforce inside the plant